Home Remedies for Typhoid Fever

If you are reading this, I’d assume you have Typhoid fever (in most cases), or you want to get your hands on the know-how of remedies for Typhoid fever for future reference.

Whatever the reason is, this article will provide you with a simple yet effective remedies of Typhoid fever and recover from it to be healthy again.

Before we start, I’d like to give a brief introduction about what Typhoid is, in case you don’t know.

Typhoid, simple-put, is a type of fever that is severe in nature and needs to pay more attention to – it is one of the worst things that can happen to you and can leave you weak for weeks.

There is definitely a way to fight back typhoid and get out of it with medicines – we won’t be advising on medicines in this article here – but there is more to that; you can even cure typhoid with foods as well if you want.

In fact, there are some foods that you must avoid in typhoid and foods you must incorporate into your diet plan for faster recovery.

In this article, however, we share with you a list of 3 food types that you must take notes of and add them to your meals if you want to be cured faster and healthier.

That said, let’s get started with what foods you must start eating today if you have Typhoid, a severe type of fever.

1. Fatty Foods:

fatty food typhoid

Fatty foods – foods packed with lots of fats – are foods you must add into your diet plan.

Why? They provide you with energy like protein-packed foods would and keep you healthy.

And as you might know, there’s so much energy lost due to typhoid – you need that back in order to become normal again.

Another thing to keep in mind is that you won’t be able to eat a lot during typhoid and that’s plain unhealthy – you need to be providing your system with as many foods as possible to keep it running.

Some of the fatty foods you can consume today are:

·       Avocados.

·       Cheese.

·       Dark Chocolate

·       Whole Eggs

·       Fatty Fish

·       Nuts

·       Chia Seeds

·       Extra Virgin Olive Oil

2. Bland Foods:

bland foods typhoid

Next up is bland food type, a type where foods are not spicy, are soft, and are easily digested.

These types of foods are must for you to add to diet plans as they are easy on the stomach and makes you feel lighter, calm. Also, they are low in fiber, preventing gastrointestinal problems often found in typhoid.

Looking for some foods you can eat on a bland diet? Here they are:

·       Milk and other dairy products, low-fat only.

·       Cooked, canned, or frozen vegetables.

·       Fruit and vegetable juices.

·       Cooked or canned fruit with the skin and seeds removed, such as applesauce or canned peaches.

·       Breads, crackers and pasta made with refined white flour.

3. Calorie-packed foods:

food for typhoid fever

The last type of foods you must bulk on, is calorie-packed foods.

The idea here is to provide your body with more calories than it can burn. As you might know, the burn rate during typhoid is a lot more as your body is weak, not capable of building enough muscles.

To tackle this, you need to eat foods that are rich in calories, so your body still ends up having some of those calories consumed earlier.

Some of the high-calorie foods you can start with today are:

·       Avocado (180 calories per half)

·       Baked beans (190 calories per half cup)

·       Butter (102 calories per tablespoon)

·       Cereal bars (130 calories per bar)

·       Cheese (115 calories per slice)

·       Cream cheese (50 calories per tablespoon)

·       Dark chocolate (63 calories per square)

·       Eggs (78 calories each)

With this information, you can make the recovery part of your struggle to get out of typhoid easier than before.