5 Best Natural Migraine Remedies

To simply mention that migraines are one of the worst common illnesses is an understatement. Why people get migraines, what triggers them, and how we cure migraines seems to be a mystery. According to the Migraine Research Foundation, migraines affect 39 million people in the US, and over one billion in the world. It's is also the third most prevalent illness in the world. Third. With those statistics, you or someone you know will have experienced the symptoms of migraines. 

Fortunately there are some natural migraine remedies that have proven to be effective. Getting rid of migraines naturally is optimal and possible. There are quite a few migraine remedies out there, however here are 5 of the best natural migraine remedies. 

magnesium glycinate migraine relief

1. Magnesium 

Studies show those with a Magnesium deficiency are more susceptible to migraines. 

b-2 vitamins to prevent migraine

2. Vitamin B-2

400 mgs per day is enough to help with migraine prevention. 

coq10 best migraine relief


PubMed suggests a significant reduction in migraine frequency after 3 months at 150 mg per day. The Mayo Clinic reports the dosage may go up to 300 mg per day for adults. 

get rid of a migraine naturally butterbur

4. Butterbur

Butterbur is an herb that has a long history as being known as an inflammation reducer and can help with migraine relief.

prevent migraines feverfew

5. Feverfew

This flower has inflammation reducing properties that can help reduce the symptoms that come from migraines.