The 5 Best Men’s Pre-workout Supplements

Need a pre-workout wake up? According to Men's Journal "research shows a single, multi-ingredient pre-workout supplement (MIPS) may help boost performance during your next strength session."

The article goes on to say, "In a small study, published in the Journal of the International Society of Sports Nutrition, guys performed a series of tests that included vertical jumps, single set to failure (of the back squat and bench press), and sprint tests. Those who had taken a MIPS 30 minutes before go-time were able to rack up more reps before failure and exert more power in their sprint compared to when they did the exact same test with just a placebo in their system. Plus, they felt less tired and more alert. Research is pretty definitive that MIPS aren’t helpful for aerobic activities like endurance running or cycling, but it does supports much of the new findings when it comes to strength training and short bursts of high intensity. Past studies have shown taking similar supplements can improve anaerobic running capacity, (i.e. sprinting) by 10 percent, boost energy levels and focus during high-intensity exercise, and increase your muscles’ endurance, helping you get bigger, faster."

Think outside the (coffee) box and get amped on these pre-workout supplements that will maximize every workout. Here are the 5 best mens pre-workout supplements.


1. Cellucor C4 Original Pre Workout Powder Energy Drink

C4 is a fan favorite when it comes to a pre-workout formula. Get pumped!

NO Xplode.jpg


Say yes to N.O. Xplode! Another industry standard that delivers both focus and power to every workout.

six star explosion pre-workout

3. Six Star Explosion

Six Star is both affordable and effective with their never level hybrid formula.

mp assault pre-workout

4. MusclePharm Assault Pre-Workout Powder

Assault your next gym-sesh with MusclePharm. Tastes great without sacrificing quality.

jym pre-workout

JYM Supplement Science

This new supplement on the block is making waves in the supplement community. Packed with 13 ingredients to turn your gym session into a JYM session!