5 Best Workout Headphones of 2018

No workout is complete, or even possible without headphones. Sales are on track to reach over 370 million headphones and headsets.  You can get pumped from your favorite tunes, or simply drown out the gym small-talk none of us want or need.

According to VePeople "Your headphones can also be your best friend in the gym. Working out can be a challenge and your headphones can be your personal motivator during those tough workouts. Listening to music is just as beneficial in the gym as it is in the workplace. Music cannot only boost your mood, but it will help your body move as it keeps up to the pace of your workout. Therefore, it is best to use headphones when working to get you in the zone."

Headphones are a must. You deserve the best, so here are some of the best workout headphones of 2018.

Jabra Elite Active headphones

1. Jabra Elite Active 65t

A great alternative to Apple Airpods and a great price to match.

jbl endurance sprint

2. JBL Endurance Sprint

Affordable AND reliable. Music to everyones ears.

jaybird x3

3. Jaybird X3

Comfort without sacrificing quality.

powerbeats 3 wireless headphones

4. Powerbeats3 Wireless

Beats comes through on light headphones, but heavy on the quality.

bose soundsport

5.Bose Soundsport

A staple in speakers does the headphone scene justice.