5 Best Digital Bathroom Scales

No matter what your fitness, weight loss, or health journey might be, a reliable digital bathroom scale is a must have.

According to Shape, "...a research review of 12 studies that looked at the impact of “self weighing” on body weight and weight loss. The researchers found that people who hopped on the scale daily or at least weekly maintained up to a 6.6-pound weight-loss advantage over people who did not frequently weigh themselves."

The article goes on to say, "In one study reviewed, people were asked to check their weight four times a day (a little excessive, don’t you think?); these people lost twice as much as those that never faced the scale."

It's ok to face the scale. There are no shortage of digital scales out there, but we found a few of the best. 

nokia body smart scale

1. Nokia Body+ Smart Scale

This one does it all. BMI, body composition, and even a pregnancy mode round out this quality scale. 

Garmin Index Smart Scale

2. Garmin Index smart scale

Perfect for tracking anything and everything when it comes to your healthy lifestyle. 

FitBit aria 2

3. Fitbit Aria 2

Fitbit takes their fitness tracker to scale form with a state of the art dashboard & WiFi Smart Scale. 

nuyu health o matic scale

Health o Matic Nuyu Wireless Scale 

Affordable yet competitive with the other top of line scales. 

polar balance scale

5. Polar Balance 

This scale comes with it's own virtual fitness coach by providing suggestions on how to reach your goals and more.