5 Cardio Machines that Burn the Most Calories

Options are great, especially when working out. However, some people want to get the most out of a cardio machine.  Whether you're training at home or working out at the gym, it begs the question: which cardio machine burns the most calories? 

Sci-MX  took data from various sources - including self.com and shape.com - and calculated data results for both men and women weighing between 135 and 160 lbs. It’s important to note this data comes from vigorous exercise

Nordic Track Treadmill Best 2018

Nordic Track 6.5S Treadmill (13.43 Calories per Minute)

Classic & reliable, the treadmill is not only a standard but a leader in the world of calorie burn.

Concept 2 rower workout 2018

Concept2 Model D pm5 indoor rowing machine 


(12.90 calories per minute)

The Crew team was on to something. Row those calories away without having to get in the water.

spin bike best weight loss 2018

Sunny Health & fitness indoor cycling bike


(12.88 calories per minute)

Go for a ride and watch the calories switch gears to burn.

stairmaster weight loss 2018

Xiser Commercial Mini Stairmaster


(10.95 calories per minute)

Take those next steps, literally into fitness. 

Schwinn Recumbent Bike workout weight loss 2018

Schwinn 270 Recumbent Bike


(7.66 calories per minute)

Sit back and leave those calories in the dust.